AR Exhibitions
Private Exhibitions At Your Home

Oil & Watercolour
Daniel Lee

Exhibition ID: 3254

This AR collection features 9 oil paintings and 10 watercolour paintings by Daniel Lee.

Cosmic Mind

Exhibition ID: 3257

This AR collection features 11 digital inkjet prints by MINEVO.

How it works

1. Print the marker

Click the button below to download and print the marker, then put it where you want the artworks to appear (e.g. on a wall).

2. Download the KUIO app

Use the buttons below to download the KUIO app onto your phone.

3. Enter the Exhibition ID

Enter the 'Exhibition ID' found under the exhibition title (e.g. 3254) into the app, then hit 'Search', then click 'View Selection: ...'.

4. View the artworks in real world

Simply click on 'view in room' and point your phone camera to the marker. Now you can see the artworks at your home!