A Virtual Future

The global pandemic has shifted how we view everyday activities as ‘normal’. In the art scene, many auctions house and galleries are moving to host their usual events online, such as the online auctions and online viewing rooms. However, at the time of writing of this short text, many of them are still the compromised versions of our real-world equivalents. 

We think one should not replace the other. Instead, both the online events and real-world events should have their own unique properties. In other words, we should aim to create brand new – yet familiar – experiences for our audience so that these experiences could have their own future development once we have returned to the new normal.

We have a few ideas in mind. One of them is the blockchain NFT. Currently, the largest NFT market is on Ethereum, and we think ETH Dapps such as Rarible and Opensea are some of the great ways to introduce NFT Art to the public (let’s debate mass adoption in another article). While we are waiting for ETH2.0 to bring down the gas cost so mint NFT, we are also keeping our eyes on other promising blockchains such as Cardano, Avalanche and Tezos (let’s debate this also in another article!).

What you might find familiar, however, is the virtual exhibitions. We have already published two virtual exhibitions and they are now available for you to experience:

Cosmic Mind – MINEVO, https://ubifineart.com/exhibition-cosmic-mind/

Oil & Watercolour – Daniel Lee, https://ubifineart.com/exhibition-daniel-lee/

The technology provider behind our virtual exhibitions is Kunstmatrix, and we chose to implement this technology due to the seamless experience it offers. If you click on the links above or navigate to our virtual exhibitions via the menu, you will quickly notice that the full 3D virtual space is instantly ready for you to explore without the needs to download or install app. Just use the browser as you would normally do and experience something brand new. This is exactly what we want to bring forward.

Let’s keep thinking, building and experimenting. Web 3.0 will be a whole new world. 

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